Jamie Gane - Ambassador

Jamie is an adaptive athlete with a below-knee amputation from Basingstoke, Hampshire. Jamie aspires to represent Great Britain to achieve a gold medal in discus and javelin at the next Paralympic Games in Tokyo, 2020.

After developing a chronic pain condition, Jamie made the difficult decision to undergo a below-knee amputation in September 2016. As part of his rehabilitation following surgery, Jamie has learnt how to walk with his prosthesis. Going forward, he will require a number of different prostheses specific to his sporting needs to enable him to train to his full potential.

Jamie has been working hard towards his plan which, with the right training and support, will put him firmly in place for Paralympic selection. Whilst Jamie is determined to work hard to fund his athletics ambition, the cost of training and the sports specific prosthesis will require additional support through sponsorship, fundraising and donations and The Knights Foundation are proud to be supporting him with this. Jamie has already been very active across a number of social media platforms, which has resulted in the BBC producing a documentary of his journey through amputation to his goal of the Tokyo Games.

Jamie’s role as an Ambassador for The Knights Foundation supports his ambition to be a role model to other young people who are in similar situations to his. He wants to inspire them to believe that they can overcome challenges and see the opportunities open to them in both the world of work and sport and he demonstrates this through challenging stereotypes which people may associate with his impairment including competing in multiple Tough Mudders, Rock Climbing, Judo and competitive Powerlifting. As an Ambassador, Jamie has visited local schools, presenting at their assemblies to share his story with them, inspiring and helping the children with their own ambitions