Abseil the Spinnaker Tower - Challenge 2018

Posted 10/6/18

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Following on from the success of our first abseil day in April, we were thrilled that 25 'crazy' people supported us today and plummeted 328ft... all in a good cause!

With an early start at 8am, the sun was out and the setting was 'picture perfect', an absolutely stunning day!  But looming over us all congregating at the base, was the Spinnaker Tower itself, in all its glory!  With the abseil platform jetting out alongside the viewing deck, it certainly sent a few people quivering when looking up and realising the true extent of what they had signed up to!

The journey up the tower in the lift was very quiet as people were contemplating their 'state of mind' when signing up for this (!), and a noticeable gasp came from people on the viewing deck as the nervous abseillers exited the lifts and started getting 'kitted out' for the drop!  I must admit, it does seem an awful lot higher when you are up there yourself!!!

One by one, we all scaled the building and worked our way down the side of the structure to a distant applause below from onlookers and the droves of family and friends that came to support their loved ones!

It was so high up that the hardest part for people supporting was trying to identify who, in fact, it was that was abseiling at that time!  Rather difficult at such a height - the only noticeable ones were the obvious Captain America and Batman who came down in style!

Thank you to everyone supporting us with this mammoth challenge, and for their loved ones supporting them!  As always a great turnout, with some very special people!


...we certainly did today!!!