Annual Golf Day at Royal Winchester Golf Club

Posted 27/4/18

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A great turn out for what was always going to be an absolutely brilliant day for everyone!  With Harry Redknapp and Neil 'Razor' Ruddock playing alongside our fabulous Patrons and supporters, we knew it was going to go 'with a swing'!

Once registered, everyone was able to relax with coffees and bacon butties and really start to soak up the atmosphere.  Nicky Banger did the introduction for the day, and promptly got the whole thing underway...

Despite the team photo at the beginning of the day showing glorious sunshine, I think the weather forecasters had gotten it completely wrong as the Heavens opened and we had to succumb to driving rain, quite difficult at times!  Throw in the odd rumble of thunder and lightening and you'll get a great insight as to the conditions that everyone braved out on this beautiful course!  Looking on from the club house, the team decided to brave it themselves with trays of hot coffee and chocolates which Natasha and Steph drove around the course using one of the buggies - a welcome drink for those that they managed to reach!

It may have been wet, it may have been thundery, but the atmosphere and temperament of the golfers upon their return was quite the opposite!  Everyone had an absolute blast, which only continued throughout the dinner and on to the main guest speakers - Harry Redknapp and Neil Ruddock!  They told us tales of their past through football and golf, hilarious moments and stories that you simply couldn't have thought up, and really did have everyone rolling on the floor in absolute stitches!  Thank you to you both for your valuable time and support that you dedicated to the Knights Foundation.

Jim had been videoing the day and whilst everyone was eating he had been preparing an absolutely brilliant video of the days highlights... again, this had everyone laughing and taking the mickey, a great way to sum up a fabulous day (despite the rain!).

We were thrilled to be able to invite the beautiful Molly and her Mum Tina to the golf club, and had sponsors James Griffin Lettings, along with Neil Ruddock, present them with a brilliant new piece of equipment that will change their lives, a P-Pod chair that Molly can use at home!  This chair is an expensive piece of supportive equipment which means that Molly can finally relax at home in a safe and comfortable, yet supportive seat, not having to be propped up continuously in her support wheelchair.  Tina was overwhelmed by the support that she received there, and thanked everyone for supporting them and fr changing their lives!

We were delighted when, a few days later, Tina kindly emailed over some lovely photos of Molly relaxing at home in her new chair... and one of her relaxing so much she actually fell asleep!  

Thank you to everyone who attended the golf day, the fabulous staff at Royal Winchester Golf Club and a big thank you to our Patrons and supporters - seeing where your money is being spent I know meant a lot to many of you.  We appreciate your continued support t be able to help more people like Molly & Tina!