Doughnuts on the Solent - by Youth Ambassador Sophia

Posted 15/8/18

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In a couple of weeks time, we will be taking some young carers out on a speedboat on the Solent, called Wet Wheels. However this isn’t the first time we have done this.

Back in May, we were thrilled to take a group of young carers for the same experience...boy did they have a blast! The children involved, either had special needs themselves or cared for a sibling with one. These children would not usually have the chance to do anything like this and we really wanted to allow them to have this amazing opportunity.

The fabulous staff at Wetwheels all greeted us down on the pontoon and began to talk us all through what we were just about to experience. It was then, that each of us were suited and booted - albeit in some very salty, unfashionable life jackets! Adrenaline buzzing, we were individually guided upon the boat so that each of the wheelchairs and power chairs could be fastened down and secured safely. Before we set off, we had to go through some very important, slightly boring safety rules - not my favourite part of the journey I must  say!

Then…you guessed it….of we went!

As the engine started up, the boat began to pick up some speed. I know shocker right?! Hence the name “speed” boat?! Almighty roars of laughter and chatter filled the air as the Captain zipped us round, waves crashing behind us, into some pretty awesome doughnuts! All safely done of course!

After what seemed like moments later, it was now our turn to be in control of the wheel. One by one, the Captain called us up to hold the helm and to be in charge of his massive speedboat! I know...scary right?!

To make it fun, the Captain thought that it would be a great idea to show each of us how to do doughnuts. For those of you who don't have a clue what a “doughnut” is, let me sum it up. Basically, it means racing and swerving the boat around in a figure of eight. Which to me screams out FUN! Although I’m guessing it wasn’t too much fun for the passengers, who on multiple occasions thought that they were going to fall out the boat!

When each of us had experienced driving, the Captain did a loop round and directed us back to the pontoon, all of us safe and sound.

Young Callum, said of the day “It was an awesome day, I loved spending time with my friends doing something really cool. The best part of the day, was when we all got the chance to drive the boat we totally drove with no limits! It is great to do something that we can’t do everyday.”

What an absolute bash we all had! I cannot wait for our next day trip out to the Solent. Roll on 4th September!