Edible Becomes Incredible!

Posted 26/6/17

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A massive thank you goes to Mariam Verjee at Mia’s Cakes!

On Friday 23rd June, The Knights Foundation held their Summertime Ball with special guest Frank Bruno at Oakley Hall, Basingstoke. It was a very special evening for all, especially Peter South from Your Image Ltd!

Joining the Foundation back in 2016, Peter, Lawrie and all the team at Your Image Ltd have brought a beaming glow into the Foundation. From sponsoring our charitable evenings to teaming up with our fellow Patrons to provide their services.

Therefore, when Peter South decided to celebrate his birthday with the legendary Frank Bruno…it only felt right to present him with a golf themed birthday cake made by Mariam Verjee at Mia’s Cakes!

We hope you enjoyed the evening Peter, certainly seems like a “Fairway” to be celebrating your birthday!!

Mia’s Cakes Mariam Verjee 07881 625467 m.verjee@gmail.com