*Hot Off The Press* The Knights Foundation are in Deep Waters!

Posted 9/9/19

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Life was a breeze on Saturday when we enjoyed a brilliant BBQ at Heron Lake in Staines, one of the largest & oldest Open Water Swimming venues in the South of England. https://www.bwsw.org.uk/clubs/british-disabled-wwa-heron-lake/

This event was possible because of the wonderful support and sponsorship of George Scott-Welsh and the team at Incuhive (https://incuhive.co.uk/) and Adil Burtally at Knights Property Services (https://knightspropertyservices.com/), whom got heavily involved in the management of the BBQ and making sure everyone was looked after and having a great time.

Water-skiing, donut rides, speed boat rides accompanied with a bright and colourful bouncy castle from Event Planners Surrey, reflected the energy of the day. The laughter and squeals from children and adults alike when the water guns and water balloon came out, where most got absolutely drenched, was joy to our ears. 

Hot food and drinks were available for any that wanted to quench the chill. It was an absolutely beautiful family day encouraging children with illnesses, disability’s and siblings and the adults!! to have a really good old fashioned sociable day out with no cares in the world. Most children went out on the water and the fantastic management from the amazing staff and volunteers who assisted children with all abilities and fitted the kids with wet suits and life jackets and piloted the boat all day long were an influential part to the success of the day. We are incredibly grateful to them and the passion they had in making this a perfect day. #Children #Families #AllAbilities #Playing #Laughing #Proud

We know that Heron Lake would like to encourage other children with disabilities to go along and enjoy the experience and develop themselves. Who’s up for the challenge? Contact us at The Knights Foundation where we rise by helping others. 

Click HERE for the full album of photos!


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