Lexie uses her equipment to say thank you for her experience!

Posted 17/5/19

Tegan is so keen to play recorder at school

...but she can only use one hand to play the recorder with

We were absolutely thrilled that young Lexie Cooper could join us on our experience day a couple of weeks ago at the British Disabled Waterskii association, what a little star!

What was even more fantastic is the message that we received from Lexie's Mum Charlene.  The reason this message was so special, is that Lexie is non-verbal, which means that she uses a communication device to be able to communicate and talk - something similar to that which Dr Stephen Hawking used, which is retina activated.  The Knights Foundation helped support Lexie with equipment associated with this 'eye-gaze', which is why the following message was absolutely amazing to receive.  Lexie wrote:

"I felt nervous Saturday morning.  I did not want to go in the water so I went in the boat instead.  I felt proud and happy, but cold and hungry after".

Simply amazing... well done Lexie!