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Posted 29/3/22

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Did you know that The Knights Foundation are proud supporters of Little Portesberries?

From that very first conversation with a Paediatrician or Consultant, when your child has a diagnosis or has symptoms where they are unable to be diagnosed, but you are aware that the future looks challenging; your whole world changes and you are surrounded by uncertainty, you're not sure where to turn, and you feel isolated, trying to come to terms with things...

So many families with children who have disabilities can relate to this, as they were all in this situation at the beginning of their journey.  

The internet becomes a haven of questions and self research, trying to get a picture together of what your new life entails, but you turn off the computer, and it's still just you and your family... it's awfully lonely.

What is Little Portesberries?

Little Portesberries was set up by Portesbery School, for any family in the local area who has a young child, pre-school age, who has a disability.

It is a safe haven for these families, somewhere that they can meet other families in a similar situation, chat and feel supported.  They have specialist support workers there who are there for these families, to listen, to guide, to comfort and to educate.  

Your first visit to Little Portesbery's may be daunting, as you would not know what to expect, but it will soon become a positive environment that you will look forward to visiting each week.

Little Portesberries meet each Friday from 10am - midday, and is a welcome meeting place for these special families!


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