Marwell Zoo fun day!

Posted 6/10/22

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Marwell zoo fun day - 24/08/2022

Marwell has been in our calendars for a while due to Covid and we couldn't wait to get the ball rolling on planning this family event. A big thanks to Ellie who had organised this amazing day! 

We were lucky enough to have the weather on our side and it was a lovely sunny day, we even had to get the sun cream out! It was a pleasure to see you all again, we always love to catch up with everyone, and to see some new faces! We are always happy to introduce new families into The Knights Foundation. Like we always say we are ONE BIG FAMILY!!

The families wondered the park as they pleased, a few were lucky enough to see the animals being fed and groomed! We all planned to meet at the Marwell Hall, based in the midway point of the zoo for lunch. This was a great opportunity to catch up with you guys and just relax for a short while in the sun. 

A lovely day, filled with lovely people and children, keep a lookout for this event next year, as this is definitely one to run again! 

Also a big thank you to Tudor Images for the amazing photos once again!

We look forward to seeing you all again soon!