A Message From Asher’s Parents

Posted 3/8/17

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A huge thank to everyone that has contributed towards purchasing the all-terrain buggy for Asher. What a huge difference it’s made to our lives.

We went to Camp Bestival at the weekend, we arrived on a sunny Thursday afternoon and gave the buggy its first test drive. It was so easy to push up hill and over the grass unlike his day to day wheelchair. Unfortunately the weather was against us for the rest of the weekend but the all-terrain buggy really stood the test and glided through the mud with easy. Simon and I kept say how grateful we were to have this buggy for Asher, he was really happy in it and we manged to make the most of our holiday.

Our next adventure for the all-terrain buggy – We are taking part in a super heroes triathlon

http://www.superheroseries.co.uk/  I will be running with Asher, Simon will be pulling Asher in a boat whilst swimming across a lake and Asher will be riding (part way). Fingers crossed the weather is kind to us.

All our love