Online Cookery classes during lockdown have been a hit!

Posted 17/3/21

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We've been having lots of fun in recent months, during this lockdown period, with the help of the fabulous Natasha Beatty from Fresh Kitchen Cookery School.

We thought that it would be a great idea to work together and put on some online baking and cookery classes for the children, but focusing on inclusivity with classes open to children of all abilities.

We thought it would be great to start off with a nice, easy class on how to make the perfect scone, and it really was a big hit with children and parents alike!  Natasha encouraged the children to look at different ingredients and options to make their scones sweet/savoury, and we had a variety of different scones that were made.

The children found the class very informative as Natasha was keen to teach the children different things, such as the difference between flours and what they are used for, the difference between 'what is a fruit or vegetable' which had great participation and some challenging examples raised by some of the children!  Of course when it came to scones, the whole conversation about 'which goes first, clotted cream of jam' was certainly a talking point (!) but you know what, that didn't matter as they tasted super scrumptious!

Our next cookery class was an obvious one, as it was soon to be Shrove Tuesday, or better know as 'Pancake Day'.

We learnt about making the traditional sweet pancakes (either crepe style or American pancake style), but also about savoury crepes (galettes) which can be made using a different type of flour.  

As you can imagine, there were plenty of children opting for the traditional lemon and sugar topping, but perhaps a few more wanting to make them with nutella and banana.

When asking the children what they wanted to make next, the vote was pretty much unanimous... PIZZA!

Well, what can I say except THIS WAS FUN!  Everyone had different toppings, we had gluten free pizza, meat pizza, fully loaded pizza... but no pineapple on any?!   Now that was a fun conversation... most of the children LOVED pineapple but just forgot to use it as a topping.  It gave them an excuse to make it again!

Thank you again to the fabulous Natasha Beatty at the Fresh Kitchen Cookery School, for giving up her time and expertise to help our families


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