Our very own DIY SOS story!

Posted 21/6/18

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You never quite know who you're going to meet, from one day to the next... and sometimes that person you meet could very well change your life!

Back in March we held a wonderful networking event for Patrons of the Knights Foundation at Portesbery School, a special needs school in Deepcut.  Our Patrons had the opportunity to tour the school meeting the amazing staff and children, and seeing for themselves the incredible special needs equipment that they have, and what it is needed for.

Patron Dan Hall from HSL Builders was touched, as we all were, by the presentation of a specialist chair to one of the families, for them to use at home so that their child could relax in a safe environment, in a comfortable seat.  He met a lovely lady Tina, who had spoken about her daughter Molly's disability and a specialist seat that she needed (which the Foundation subsequently presented to them on our golf day in April), but Tina had also mentioned about the fact that she had tried to get a ramp built outside the back of her house so that Molly could access the garden - but that the authorities had rejected the request as they did not have any more funding for that financial year.  Dan immediately suggested that he could help Tina and that his building company might be able to build a ramp for her, to help the family!

(Here is Dan, pictured that day at the networking event)

We connected Dan and Tina following the event, and over subsequent weeks they communicated about what was needed, how it could be done and when it could be done.  Well, it all happened pretty quick to be honest!  Within a matter of weeks, Tina was sending through photo's of 'the build' as the foundations for the ramp were being laid... all very exciting!

Dan and his team put in the many man hours, supplied with coffees and biccies from a very excited Mum (!) and grafted to build not only an 'accessible' ramp, but a stunning addition to their garden!  Having worked with many disabled families, we know that the adaptations that you are able to get from Government grants are not always cosmetically what you would hope and wish for in your own home, however Molly's new ramp has been finished to such a high spec, and fully functional for all of their needs!  Tina can now safely get Molly out the back of the house and in to the garden, not only to enjoy the Summer sun, but also in terms of health and safety, if there was ever a fire.  This really is such a life-changing addition to their home, they can't thank Dan and his team enough!

Here is Molly using her new ramp in her own garden!

...and it's all thanks to this man... Dan Hall from HSL Builders:

Thank you Dan!  From everyone here at The Knights Foundation!  ...and of course, Tina & Molly x