Patron’s Networking Event – May 2017

Posted 11/5/17

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On Thursday 4th May 2017, The Knights Foundation held another very successful Patrons Networking Event – this time hosted by our Patrons, Classic Race Simulators in Farnborough.

As we arrived at the Workshop of Classic Race Simulators, everyone was wowed by the sight of the simulators all lined up and gleaming, ready for a day’s racing – particularly incredible as Jim and his busy team had only arrived back very late the night before from another event!

We are actually very honoured to see Jim’s workshop as usually his events are held at other locations – Classic Race Simulators are completely mobile and can bring the sims and the team to your workplace or a venue for an event you are hosting.

After some time spent introducing ourselves and networking within the group, the racing got underway with the Practice sessions. After all the noise and buzz of the networking moments earlier, suddenly the room fell silent and the concentration on everyone’s faces set in – this was serious stuff!

A pitstop for lunch to refuel ourselves provided more opportunity for networking and talking business – but it was soon back to the competition…..

The temperature on the track really started to heat up as we moved into Qualifying and Race laps….

The lead positions changed numerous times, mainly thanks to smooth skills of some drivers in knocking others off the track (no names mentioned!). But in the end, the winners podium looked like this…..

Everyone had a fantastic day and all agreed it was a great event with many business opportunities discussed and stronger relationships formed, within the network of our wonderful Knights Foundations Patrons and 100 Club members.

Great fun, relaxed and informal to meet other Patrons” – Patron Roger Saunders, Director of Seasonal Transformations Ltd.

Information about the next Patrons Networking Event to be confirmed very soon which we all look forward to.

We would like to extend our thanks to Jim Hill and his team at Classic Race Simulators for hosting such a fantastic event and for welcoming us all to their workshop. Please contact Classic Race Simulators via their website if you are interested in holding an event or would like more information about their business.