Sandhurst Royal Military Academy - Networking with Rusty Firmin

Posted 22/8/19

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We knew that this exclusive networking breakfast would be a special event, but driving through the gates at Sandhurst, through ID control, and driving through the vast, manicured grounds, past endless buildings that took your breathe away... you knew you were in for a treat!

Around 100 companies joined us for breakfast in the dining room (by the way, the best bacon croissants I've ever had!), before we were taken through the prestigious Old College and upstairs to the presentation theatre.  Jamie Knights welcomed everyone, with Nicky Banger delivering a heartfelt talk on the different aspects of the Knights Foundation, and the many ways in which we support disabled children within our community.  Tony Knights endorsed this, speaking of how proud he was to see the good work that was being done every day, before he introduced Andrew Crocker (Taff to his mates!) to give us a wonderful talk on Cyber Security.  

Rusty Firmin was introduced to the stage, and certainly made an entrance with his team as they stormed into the room (Black Ops style) as if in a siege!  There were a few gasps in the audience, and it certainly set the scene for the fascinating insight that lay ahead of us, into the Iranian Embassy Siege (30 Apr 1980 – 5 May 1980).

Many of us had already watched the Netflix movie that is currently shown, a movie called 6 days, which is about Rusty Firmin and his SAS team who bravely stormed the building, to attempt to save the lives of hostages.  We knew the story, we knew what was in the movie, but to hear first hand the intricate detail of the whole operation, the things that went wrong and how they had to think on their feet and adapt, well, if was simply fascinating!

In April 1980, armed gunmen stormed the Iranian Embassy in Princes Gate, London and took all inside hostage. Over the next six days a tense standoff took place, all the while a group of highly trained soldiers from the SAS prepared for a raid the world had never seen.

We were kindly given a tour by the Staff Sergeant of the Old College, Sandhurst, tales of history and accomplishments, war and wisdom, golf balls and church spires (you needed to be there for that one... !) this was certainly a day to remember.

Thank you to Rusty Firmin and his SAS team, Andy Crocker, and everyone at Sandhurst Royal Military Academy for welcoming the Knights Foundation and our amazing Patrons and supporters, and making this such a fantastic event.


We thought we'd leave you with Rusty's Angels...