School's SEN Team 'Reach' out to The Knights Foundation

Posted 21/6/19

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This little girl Tegan is so keen to play recorder at school.

The Knights Foundation were approached to ask if we could help at all because she can only use one hand to play the recorder with. A recorder was sourced through Reach, a charity helping children with upper limb differences live life without limits.

We are now absolutely delighted to present Tegan with her recorder and also one to her teacher, who is going to learn to play this unique recorder with her too.

Our Trustee Debbie, met with Tegan yesterday and we have one excited little girl who can't wait to play some tunes and spent some time showing Debbie how it works.

Debbie said "we are delighted that Tegan can now play the recorder and this is also a great testimony to her school and their SEN team, working with her to achieve this and how The Knights Foundation can work with other charities and support individual and educational needs. More importantly Tegan does not feel excluded and is very excited to be able to play recorder. Tegan's parents and the SEN Team will keep in touch with me so The Knights Foundation know how she is getting on plus we may be treated to some tunes in the future. Good luck Tegan".