Summer Ball 2017

Posted 30/6/17

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We donned our ringside seats, for the questions British radio presenter, Garry Richardson presented to Frank – which led to witty responses from Frank, alongside his unmistakable laugh. Laughter filled the room and surrounded our event, we were in great company and the wonderful energy was the continued theme for the rest of the evening.A further rush of excitement took place when our CEO Nicky Banger teamed up with Ian Towning for our auction of the evening. Interest AND delight was shown in a wonderful diamond, so kindly donated by Donna Bache – thank you so much Donna! 

We received a wonderful gift from Knights Group Security – a commissioned oil painting of Frank Bruno in his fight against Mike Tyson. This painting was auctioned and raised great interest! Well done to Graeme at Butchart Roofing for being the recipient of this and thank you for your support.

We continue to help deprived children, children with illnesses, disabled children and their families but this is only made possible by the help we receive from our Patrons, Supporters, Fundraisers and Volunteers.

It is with immense pleasure to announce that from the evening of the Summer Ball, we were able to raise enough funds to purchase a 3 wheeler all-terrain buggy for young Asher. Asher, a happy-smiley five year old boy, has Quadraplegic Spastic Cerebral Palsy. This is where muscles are stiff or rigid in one or more limbs, in Asher’s case, all four limbs are effected. The new terrain buggy will allow Asher and his family to enjoy sociable time together, including; walking the fields, the woods, along the canal, going to the beach and enjoying a holiday together – (at Camp Bestival in Lulworth Castle towards the end of July). This gift is amazing for Asher and his family and most importantly supports the inclusion we so passionately believe in for the children. You have all made this happen, what an amazing feeling!

We are overwhelmed by the support we received, not only from our own team who took their own time out to ensure everything was set up correctly and in place, but also to our Patrons – Seasonal Transformations who supplied and managed the decor for our Summer Ball. The creative flair was represented by a traditional yet contemporary look and hugely reflected the wonderful evening our Patrons and guests deserved. Thank you Roger for your wonderful gift and on-going support, we are really grateful.

A heartful thanks goes to our sponsor of the evening, John Hanlon and VFS. It is kindness and genorisity such as yours that helps us to make such a big difference to others – thank you so much!

Because of all your support, the evening was a knockout!

We are forever appreciative. #WeRiseByLiftingOthers