Taking the Plunge!

Posted 7/10/22

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Our Brave team of sky divers take the plunge at 15,000ft!

On the 24th September 2022, Our brave team of skydivers took on the challenge to jump at 15,000ft! 

Jon Kaye, Rupert Lee, Dave Mills, Gareth Williams and Camille Jackson were amazing and all took the plunge for The Knights Foundation and raised an amazing amount of money. The money raised will help a family have a holiday in the Foundation Lodge, Help a disabled child who is in need of equipment and even fund our events that we host for the children and families! 

It was a gorgeous sunny day, no wind just pure sunshine! Although I'm sure up there it was pretty chilly! Temperatures drop to a freezing -15c Celsius at 15,000ft! But they were all well equipped with gloves and suits to keep them warm! The wait and anticipation is the scary part! Waiting for your turn while your seeing people going up and up and up!! But the views when your up there are absolutely breathtaking and its something that you have to experience at least once! Overall what an amazing day full of laughter and brave people who have raised money for a great cause!

Amazing work guys, Thank you!

If you would like to take the plunge for The knights Foundation please get in contact. Are you brave enough??