Theo's first outing was to the Zoo with special friends...

Posted 19/7/19

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After travelling through the UK to join our team earlier this month, Theo was excited to finally be able to meet some of the very special children that we support in our Community.  We all had a think about where we could go, and the decision was unanimous!  The Zoo!  But not any Zoo... it had to be Marwell!

We met the families at the Zoo entrance, and pretty much ALL of the children couldn't wait to have cuddles with Theo!!!  He enjoyed engaging with the kids, and giving quite a few children a 'high 5'!

A couple of the children weren't too sure about Theo, but after they warmed to him, they couldn't get enough! I think maybe those children who weren't too sure, perhaps thought he was one of the animals from the Zoo that had escaped!!!

We put a lot of thought and planning in to each of our events, making it the best it can be, however with Marwell Zoo we certainly didn't want families enjoying the day and then worried that they were late for us all to meet at a certain meeting point!

Once everyone was in the Zoo, we arranged where we'd be for lunch, but generally  let everyone relax, enjoy and just have a fun day at the Zoo.  No stress!

We gave each of the children a goodie bag from the Zoo shop, which included a cuddly animal, soft badge and postcard - a little something for them to take home to remember their special day!

A few people have asked why we tend to put on our sensory experience days during term time, and not during school holidays?

Marwell Zoo is a prime example.  Most of us have been to the Zoo in the Summer months, when it's the school holidays, and we all know just how hectic it can be!  People everywhere, and not to mention the queues!

Many of the children that we support in out community have complex needs, and the above simply would be unacceptable.  We find that many disabled children avoid places during the holidays purely because of this.  Some children struggle with crowds, or noise, and so having exclusive days out to these places when it's a lot quieter is so much better.  On some of our experience days, we are able to book the whole venue for our children, which is ideal.

If any families out there would like their child to be included on any of these sensory experience days, but have concerns regarding authorised absence from school, please email requesting a copy of our 'permission letter to schools'.

If you have a child with a disability, and would like to find out more about upcoming events that may be suitable for your child, please contact us:


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