Tinkerbell & Peter Pan Experience for Young Carers

Posted 6/2/18

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Monday last week was an absolutely incredible day, one we will never forget!  Partnered with the wonderful Alan Faulkner at Beta Safety Systems, we were delighted to take 13 young carers to iFly in Basingstoke for them to take flight like Tinks and Peter Pan!  All of these young boys and girls either have siblings with disabilities or parents which they help care for, which enormously changes their every day lives… The room was sprinkled with fairy dust, with themed balloons and cupcakes, and party bags to take away with, but the thing that really made the day were the fabulous iFly instructors who wore Superhero morph suits for the experience, and put on a special display for the kids, acting as the action heros!  It’s not completely clear, but if you are on Facebook you can take a look at the video here.   

The kids were all very excited, but some what anxious as to what to expect as not only had they never done it before, but it was very loud!  They were all absolute superstars; listening to the induction video, getting changed and making sure they had everything correct, doing everything that the instructors had asked – and NONE of them had a wobble when entering the tunnel!   Absolutely brilliant job all round!  You can view the full photo album on our Facebook page here, but you can see from their smiley faces below just how awesome these kids are: