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Posted 7/9/19

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When we started talking about putting on another event with our friends at the British Disabled Waterski Centre, we knew we were going to have a day of fun, of smiles and of trying new things... but we also wanted to include families and Patrons so that they could share this wonderful experience.  So, we racked our brains and thought 'what would the kids like'?

Cue the waterbombs! The waterslide was an obvious choice, BBQ (of course!), but why not have an inflatable castle too huh!

Now all of this wouldn't have been possible without support, and so we'd like to say a very big thank you to George Scott-Welsh and the team at Incuhive who sponsored today's activities, and made the whole thing possible!  

It was an early start for some of our special children, as we met at Heron Lake (the British Disabled Waterski Centre) at what felt like the break of dawn!  There were no 'yawns' in sight though, as everyone was bright and raring to go!  The fabulous staff at the centre helped get the children fitted out with suitable wet suits, life jackets and helmets and made sure that everyone was all ready to start the day.  

I think some of the children were a little apprehensive, not having done anything like this before, but as soon as the first child was in the water, and the motor boat opened up the engine to get them on their ski's, they were all beaming from ear to ear!

There were a selection of different ski's with adaptations to choose from, and an inflatable boat to ride the waves too... something for everyone!

One by one they all took to the water, all leaving and returning with smiles (which was a good thing!).  With their second ski, you could see that some of the children were really trying to test the boundaries, and learn another skill, and have since shown an interest in becoming a member of the centre.  How great would it be for one of our experience days to be the start of a new journey in waterskiing for some of these wonderful children!

At lunch time Adil from Knights Property Services worked wonders behind the grill and provided a wonderful BBQ to fill all those hungry tummies!  A big thank you from everyone, a much needed (and very fabulous) BBQ

Many families joined us at lunch time for the afternoon of watersports and fun activities for the families, and what a GREAT turnout!  It's the first time that we've tried something like this, and I have to say that it felt like a huge family day out - one big family!

So many families with disabilities, and families who support the Knights Foundation, all coming together for an afternoon of fun.  The waterbombs went down an absolute treat, and I think the children enjoyed getting quite a few of the grown ups wet too!

The thought of swimming in the lake was a little daunting for some of the children, and there were a few with an obvious fear of the water at the beginning, but that soon changed.  Once the first few children were splashing and having fun, and zooming down the cool waterslide into the lake, the other children all wanted to join in.

...and once they were in there was NO chance in getting them out!

Our Founder Tony Knights spoke to Tricia, Lewis Lloyd's Nan, who said that "it was absolutely fantastic", and that she felt "very weepy, very proud and that he was just so happy".  Tricia was one of many very proud parents and grandparents today, you could see how emotional it was for them, a very special thing to witness.

Another wonderful day, making each and everyone one of us proud to be part of the Knights Foundation.  Today really is what we're all about!  Thank you for everyone who came and shared the day with us!

Send in your photos!

If you have any photos or videos from this amazing day at Heron Lake, please EMAIL US with them!  We'd love to include them in our album, and share everyones memories of such a special experience day!

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