Wet Wheels - Experience day for disabled children on the Solent

Posted 29/5/18

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What a special day! Utterly scrumptious in fact!!! Biffa Waste Services and Liberty Leasing, both Patrons of The Knights Foundation, kindly sponsored a fabulous day out on the Solent treating some very special kids to an absolutely awesome time out riding the waves!!! Kids will be kids huh... that includes ‘donuts’ in the waves 

Laura and Lewis from Liberty Leasing (Patrons) sponsored the morning session and had an absolute blast with the kids and parents, despite it being a bit blustery and rainy!  The smiles on the kids faces, and the giggles and laughter throughout the whole experience was just amazing, so much so they would like to sponsor another one!  Keith steered the boat out from the dock at Gun Wharf Quays, out to the Solent and made their way across to the Isle of Wight.

Because of the weather, Wet Wheels provided waterproof capes for everyone but, to be honest, I don't think the kids really cared!  Once they got a feel for the speed and the rain, they just loved every minute - just look at Ashers face...

One by one the children took the helm and had a go at steering the boat - a little nerve-wracking for the parents to say the least!  I'd like to know who it was that taught the kids how to do a 'donut' and 'figure of eights'!  It certainly provided the screams and laughter!  Thank goodness the wheelchairs were all strapped down, and that there were side rails to cling too... !

We treated everyone with lunch at Bella Italia, where the morning session shared their tales of delights from their morning sail and certainly had the other kids wondering what on earth they had signed up for!

When the afternoon group set sail, Keith took us alongside the humungous new Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth- what an absolute treat this was!  We sailed up past the Historic Naval Yard in Portsmouth, before heading out in to the Solent.  We pulled up alongside Spitbank Fort, the newly modernised Solent Fort where you can stay and dine - we had the Chefs and visitors waving to all the kids which was lovely!

We can't thank the staff enough at Wet Wheels Solent for their hospitality, everyone had a wonderful experience - so much so we are very much looking forward to another date that has been booked in September!  You certainly made everyone feel comfortable and safe, whilst having a fabulous time!  Thank you to Liberty Leasing and Biffa Waste Services for sponsoring the day and coming out with us for this adventure, and thank you especially to all the brave Mummies & Daddies who had to put up with the kids steering the boat and going 'a little too fast at times'!!!  A great day all round!