Yay! It's 'Wet Wheels' Day!

Posted 29/8/19

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It's the day that we all look forward to here at the Knights Foundation, as we know what to expect and just how big the children will be smiling... rain or shine!

The weather forecast was showing it was going to be a scorcher up at Gun Wharf Quays, and so everyone met up in good spirit , looking forward to the boat trip and feeling the wind in our faces!

Tony welcomed everyone and gave special thanks to both Liberty Leasing and Shoosmiths Solicitors who were the kind sponsors for this mornings boat trip. We then walked down the pontoon where we met Keith and his team who kitted everyone out with life jackets, making sure everyone was safe to board.  

Once everyone had boarded, and Keith had given the important safety information, we were ready to set sail and depart, leaving the Spinnaker Tower and shoppers behind us!  A smooth start leaving the harbour, with a lovely little trip up past the Historic Dockyard and Brittany Ferries depot - all truly exciting for the children!

As we left the Harbour behind us, with it quickly becoming a spot on the horizon, we were heading way out into the Solent when we started our countdown for the Captain to 'open it up' and really start to go FAAASSSSTTTTT!


The screams could be heard from afar as they all shouted '1' together, and Keith opened up the engine!!  The screams continued... the smiles grew bigger... and the kids loved EVERY MINUTE!!!

The boat docked back at Gun Wharf Quays and as everyone departed we could see that a couple of the children were so 'zonked' by the days activities that they'd fallen asleep!

They soon awoke as we met the families arriving for the afternoon session at Pizza Express... and could smell the aroma of freshly made pizzas!  The hunger had crept in and they were ALL ready to eat!

A big thank you to Beta Safety Systems who sponsored the afternoons boat trip, with another 5 fabulous children and their carers!

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