Be A Patron

By becoming a member of The Knights Foundation, you will have priority access to purchase tickets for our amazing Fundraising Events.

The Knights Foundation will also brand your company on our website with a hyperlink, which will allow you to liaise with other businesses and contacts from Hampshire to Surrey. In return we would like to be on your website with out logo and hyperlink so you can show clients your support for such an amazing charity. Please email Chernay Julius at for more information.

Monthly Contributions

Following your initial meeting with our CEO, Nicky Banger, you will be asked to donate into The Knights Foundation’s bank account with a sum of £200 on a monthly basis for a minimum of twelve months.

If you decide to cancel on-going payments to the foundation, we would hope you give us three months’ grace as this helps us manage cash flow.

Over the period of twelve months you will be asked to put in £2400. After a year (unless communication has passed through) payment will be continuous with the same benefits per annum. Payments can be set up using our Go Cardless Direct Debit facility – details and simple instructions on how to set this up will be sent to you by our Administrator, Becky Lake.

Where And How Your Monies Are Going To Be Spent

In the short term, we will be supporting families whom have children with mental or physical disabilities across the sector.

Parents and siblings who need respite will be supported through short breaks away to spend more quality time together. Currently there is a high percentage of families that get divorced or separated whom have children with disabilities and others varying in situations who will also benefit form the support we can give them.

Carers also need support, as they go unrecognised with the amazing support they give. These adult or child carers…a simple thank you or short break does the trick!!

Get in touch to find out more..