About Us

The Knights Foundation provide support and equipment to disabled children, deprived children, seriously ill children and their families. It is also our aim to know more about these children and young carers and what we can provide to support them in their role. This support is also offered to those who may be restricted from having a good or happy life.

Our ultimate aim was always to have an accessible and luxurious property along the South coast, which is amenable for those with restricted abilities, to enjoy stress free family holidays and have the use of a facility, free of charge, to allow them to do this. This dream was made reality in September 2019 when  we purchased The Knights Foundation Lodge.

Our supporters – staff, trustees, patrons, donators and volunteers are passionate about making differences in lives and are keen to understand more on how we can help others who need our support and identify resources who can also help with everyday living for these people.

The trust is driven by Nicky Banger, CEO and our Board of Trustees with the support of the Sub-Committees, each in their own specialist areas.

We have firsthand experience in living with disabilities. Nicky Banger is the father of a child with a disability, his beautiful daughter Sophia has cerebral palsy. Nicky, his wife, son and Sophia all know how tiring it is when having to rely on or care for someone day in and day out.