Assistance to Carers and Families

Managing Disabilities Throughout Life

Welcome to the Knights Foundation

The Anthony Knights Foundation Trust offer gifts and help to carers and families managing disabilities throughout their everyday life. These gifts are those of aids which can help those with managing a disability, which in some cases allows them to maintain a certain level of independence and respite services and facilities from carers to holidays and support for social activities. It is also our aim to know more about these carers and what we can provide to support them in their role. This support is also offered to those who may be restricted from having a good or happy life.

Our dream was to provide a luxury Lodge where families could go for a break away, knowing that it would be fully accessible with adaptations throughout, and that they wouldn't have to worry about all of the stressful things that normally prevent these families from having breaks.  This dream has come true!  In September 2019 we launch our new Lodge, and start making memories for these special families in our community that really do need a break.  Read more about the new Lodge.

Our supporters – staff, trustees, patrons, donators and volunteers are passionate about making differences in lives and are keen to understand more on how we can help others who need our support and identify resources who can also help with everyday living for these people.


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