PILOT PODCAST - Episode 3 "Future Plans"

Posted by Natasha Knights

3 October 2023


1 min read

Hi, I’m Lewis!

Earlier this year, I was invited to meet The Knights Foundation Youth Ambassadors after hearing about an idea for starting their own podcast. I was warmly welcomed by Callum, Milo, Charlie, Sophia and Lewis and we had a good general chit-chat about life. Then, we got on to this podcast thing...

The truth is that during the Covid-19 lockdowns, podcasting found a new lease of life with every man and his aunt seemingly releasing a new audio delight which they concocted out of a mixture of intrigue and boredom. As of July 2023, there were over three million podcasts available worldwide.

As I sat with the Youth Ambassadors, I was trying to work out what this project was going to be for them. Were they serious about making a high quality podcast? Was it just a bit of fun? Were they wanting to learn a new skill? Ticking the box to any of those questions would be perfectly fine, but I didn’t expect such a winning combination to be the answer. I came away from meeting the team knowing not only did they want to learn, not only did they want to have fun, not only were they serious but they were also incredibly passionate. During that initial conversation, they displayed amazing openness and told me so many stories. Some were hilarious, while some were deeply emotive.

It made me think that everyone else deserves to hear what they were talking about but, more importantly, everyone else NEEDS to hear what they were talking about.

As a freelance broadcaster, I am so lucky to take on a wide range of jobs. This year, I have interviewed Premier League managers for Sky Sports News, presented a radio series for the BBC and reported on football across the country for BT Sport. I have no hesitation in saying the podcast project we’re currently working on with The Knights Foundation Youth Ambassadors is easily one of my highlights of the year.

I’m not going to say much more about what happened during our first recording session because, hopefully, from the first two episodes alone, you are getting a feel for just how special this project is and there is still so much more to come! Please enjoy Episode 3 and thank you for your support!

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