PODCAST PILOT - Episode 4 - New Challenges Overcome

Posted by Natasha Knights

3 October 2023


1 min read

It’s time for a new pilot episode of The Knights Foundation Podcast. The response to the initial episodes has been fantastic so thank you for your feedback and kind comments about the content produced so far.

Excitingly, we are edging closer to officially launching the podcast under an exciting new name in 2024. Having experimented with its format, plans are underway for the production of new material next year, with many surprises along the way. However, firmly remaining at the core of the podcast will be open and honest conversations with our fantastic Youth Ambassadors.

The love of this project was clear at the inaugural Knights Foundation Business Expo with patrons of the charity in awe of what our ambassadors have achieved. “I knew what it felt like to have the wind in your hair. I knew what it felt like to be free, let everything go and not be bound by the shackles of your chair.” You’ll find out just what Sophia is talking about when you listen to the latest offering of The Knights Foundation Podcast.

In this episode, our ambassadors talk about taking on challenges they once thought would never be possible and the dreams and aspirations they have going forward. They also dissect disability representation within the mainstream media and reveal who they look up to as inspirational figures.

Enjoy, and thanks again for listening.


Click HERE to listen to this fantastic Episode