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11 September 2023


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The Knights Foundation Podcast No 2- #FamilyMatters

Paul Marcus, The Knights Foundation`s Chief Consultant is working with our Youth Ambassadors to develop new initiatives including our new, regular podcast.
Some of you reading this will know me from my days as Managing Director of Eagle Radio- Surrey & Hampshire`s local commercial radio station. Others will be aware of my involvement with our brilliant charity and in particular the role I am playing in helping to create our brand new Community and Media Hub.

During my radio days, we regularly worked with local charities- but on a personal level, I have only really understood through my work with The knights Foundation, the levels of discrimination facing people living with a disability. Tragically that extra adversity (as if having a disability wasn`t enough), starts as a child and in reality, is a lifelong burden Naively. I also believed that it would be easy to find vocational training and work experience opportunities for the young adults we work with. Again, I have been shocked by just how many obstacles our ambassadors- the likes of Lewis, Callum, Charlie and Sophia have to overcome- and just how often they are sidelined from the most basic of work experience opportunities as a direct result of their disability.

We can change this! And we will. With founder Tony Knight and the team`s determination and creativity – we are already changing the outlook for some of our children and their families. We now have a real opportunity to make our new initiative – a brand new Community and Media Hub, a reality. So, what does that look like? It means we will create our own accessible workplace. It will be a dynamic, co-working office space. With it, we will also create genuine, vocational opportunities.

But that's not the end of it. In time we will start to offer modern media services, such as social media, graphic design and website support to our patrons. All delivered by our young disabled people with support from trusted, professional mentors. What's more our Youth Ambassadors will go on to become mentors to the next generation of disabled young people- providing hope and inspiration. They will become role models that they themselves did not have.

Our new podcast series makes compelling listening. We have been able to access a former colleague of mine, Lewis Mason. Lewis is a national broadcaster on both television and radio – he is a first class producer and has been coaching our contributors too, giving them training and guidance on how to create and produce podcasts.

It has been amazing to see their confidence levels and technical skills improve so rapidly – I'm sure it will not be long, before our team are able to produce your company's podcast too. Just imagine that! Your business employing young disabled people from The Knights Foundation, to help your company! This is not a pipe dream – this is part of the exciting future that staff, Patrons and our families can be a part of.

I hope you enjoy the latest episode, which is titled #FamilyMatters. Once again, it makes for a compelling listen. Brutally honest; Brutally funny and occasionally Brutally sad. Please listen and we welcome any feedback.

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