Leia's story...

Leia is a very cheeky and sassy 13-year-old diagnosed with Pallister-Killian Syndrome, Epilepsy, and Profound and Multiple Learning Disability (PMLD). She is also non-verbal, a full time wheelchair user, and completely tube fed.

We first encountered The Knights Foundation in 2020 when we came across their holiday lodge. Not knowing much else about them, we began following them on social media. Our understanding of what they were about grew as we saw the range of support they offer to disabled children and their families.

Leia has had the opportunity to attend various activities through The Knights Foundation - lively Christmas and Halloween parties, and trips to Marwell Zoo. She has even tried out adapted water-skiing - something we would have never even have considered if it weren't for The Knights Foundation, particularly Nicky Banger for encouraging us to be brave and give it a go when we weren't sure it would be ok! Leia had an amazing time whizzing around the lake in a dinghy attached to a boat, and the experience was beyond what we thought possible.

Navigating life with Leia's complex disabilities and health needs can be isolating, but The Knights Foundation has become a means of connection and empowerment for us. We're all so grateful for the opportunities they've provided, and inspired by the experiences they have offered and the positive impact they've had on our family.